Meet our Team

We are blessed to call these girls friends...

  • Sheryl Pellatiro


    It is truly an honor to walk this journey with each of these incredible ladies by my side. I couldn't feel more loved or more supported. God has uniquely gifted each one and we are a team that prays together. 

  • Elsie deluca

    My adventure into the Word of God with Sheryl began when my dear friend loaned me her copy of "The Bride of Christ." As I looked through the pages, I knew I had to have my own copy of this anointed Bible study. And since then, I've facilitated it several times. In my hunger for God's Word and Sheryl's excellent manner of teaching, I've done all of her studies. I find I am always excited when she presents her students with a new study into God's Word. I felt so blessed when Sheryl asked me to partner with her because I appreciate her heart - that women would come to a greater understanding of our LORD. 

    Being the oldest member of this team, I have been blessed with the title "Matriarch." I am also the mother of 10 children (that includes those who have married into our family), 25 gorgeous grandchildren, and 15 beautiful great-grandchildren. My quiver is full. 

    I hope that many others will find the same treasure I have found in Sheryl's writings. 

  • Betty mullaney

    I am first and foremost a child of the One True God and a lover of all things Jesus. I also have a deep-seated love of learning, especially when it leads to knowing God better. I stumbled across one of Sheryl's studies online, ordered the book, and was immediately hooked. The depth of her studies is beyond comparison. I love that I am not spoon-fed the Word, but I have to look deeply into Scripture. This is one sure way of transformation. I have participated in most all of Sheryl's studies. And I would like to encourage others to work through a Solid Truth Ministries' Bible study and see how it will change their life.

    I am the mom of a 3 adult children and 1 marvelous granddaughter.  I am also a life-long resident of Michigan and work as a clerk in a local school district.

  • lisa-marie fredericks

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  • Ramona miller

    My youngest daughter is the one who introduced me to a study Sheryl was teaching online. As I began to study, God so ministered to my heart. I love that Sheryl doesn't just stay in one place in Scripture, but she helps us to immerse ourselves in God's Word. She helps us to search the Scriptures, and in so doing, we learn so much more about God and His truth. If you love God's Word, you will love Sheryl's studies. The studies will challenge you to draw closer to His heart, love Him more, and surrender your will into His hands. There is no doubt that you will finish with a deeper hunger than when you started.

    I am a faithful witness to God's mercy. I am married to the most wonderful man, the mom of 5, and the grandmother of 4. I have been through many challenges in my life, but I've discovered that God is the most precious treasure our hearts could ever long for. His love, mercy, grace, forgiveness and faithfulness never ceases to amaze me. 

  • martha welch

    I am the newest member to this team, but it has been a joy to be involved in Solid Truth Ministries. Sheryl is a gifted and anointed teacher of God's Word. She willingly shares what God gives to her. I believe each of the Bible studies are relevant for believers. Women can identify with the studies and Sheryl's teaching. I've had the privilege of getting to know Sheryl and learning from her wisdom.

    I've been a Christian for 52 years and have worked in several areas of church administration. One of my greatest passions is to lead others to Christ and disciple them.  I just celebrated my 48th wedding anniversary. 

  • naomi krstinic

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