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ACTS: Rekindling Your Spiritual Flame

 ACTS is a 10-week Bible study that will inspire you to walk stronger, live deeper, and burn brighter for God. As you travel back to the first century and watch the early believers roar through their world turning hearts to Jesus, your faith is sure to be set ablaze with an inextinguishable fire. A fire God will surely use for His glory. **Weekly discussion questions included. 

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It was forty days after His resurrection that Jesus stood on the Mount of Olives, bid good-bye to His followers, and was lifted from their sight. This is when the Book of Acts begins. Acts is not a doctrinal book, but a story. The events chronicled in this book span approximately thirty years. Scholars place the authorship of Acts in the hands of Luke, a physician and traveling companion of the Apostle Paul. 

Sometimes our Christian journey can get exhausting and boring. And sometimes the one-time blazing fire gets snuffed out. Hence, we become complacent and apathetic. In turn, we are not useful to God's kingdom work when we are simply just going through the motions. The first sentence to a popular campfire song is, "It only takes a spark to get a fire going." For any believer, a study in the book of Acts can certainly be that fire-starter many of us desperately need. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, even if your fire is blazing, this Bible study is for you. The early believers were on fire for God. Thousands were coming to Christ every day in those early days. Nothing could stop their witness - not even persecution. 

Sheryl Pellatiro invites you to take this 10-week journey with her as she visits the early days of the church. We will explore why the church grew so rapidly, and what made the early believers so energized in their faith. 

The 10-week outline for this study is as follows: 

Week 1: An Undeniable Message

Week 2: New Beginnings

Week 3: Staying Connected

Week 4: Just Give Me Jesus

Week 5: Embracing God's Vision

Week 6: Adopting the Acts Way

Week 7: Engaging in the Work

Week 8: Life Lessons

Week 9: Fanning the Flame

Week 10: Carrying the Torch