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Fearless Faith


FEARLESS FAITH: Doing Great Things for God

FEARLESS FAITH is a 6-week Bible study exploring our faith and observing the kind of faith that truly pleases God. **Weekly Discussion Questions Included 

Tucked in the middle of the New Testament is a chapter often referred to as the "Hall of Faith" Museum: Hebrews 11. In this chapter, we read about men and women in Scripture that lived with a fearless faith - a faith that brought down blessings from heaven. Surely, this is something God looks for in His people. In fact, Jesus often healed people when they showed a deep faith unlike others. 

Join Sheryl Pellatiro as she takes us on a 6-week journey through Scripture examining our faith and observing the kind of faith that truly pleases God. Our study will draw important truths from Hebrews 11 as we look at the lives of several faithful servants. We also glean truths from the Book of James - a book that is a narrative on how to live with an active faith. Many other passages in Scripture will also be given a spotlight as we answer one question throughout our study: "What must I do to gain a fearless faith - a faith that is bold, strong, and unmeasured?"

The 6-week outline for this study is as follows: 

Week 1: The Substance of Faith

Week 2: Faith is Believing

Week 3: The Pursuit of Faith

Week 4: Living a Life of Faith

Week 5: Faith in Action

Week 6: Gaining a Fearless Faith