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JOSHUA: Heaven's Mighty Warrior

 JOSHUA is a 6-week study on the book of Joshua. There is not a better person or book of the Bible to teach us how to become mighty warriors for God's kingdom. 

Joshua was born into slavery, but rose to become a great military leader and commander. He was trained well by his predecessor, Moses. Joshua held many jobs: soldier, servant, spy, and successor. The secret to Joshua’s success was his faith in the Word of God, its commandments, and its promises. Joshua obeyed God wholly while leading the people into their Promised Land.

The book of Joshua records battles, defeats, sins, and failures. What we see in Joshua is not the greatness of this leader, but the greatness of his God. His faith is contagious, his leadership qualities are incomparable, and his warrior skills unsurpassed.

There’s not a book more relational to 21st century believers than Joshua. The battle we are immersed in is very real and false doctrine permeates the church. Christians are Satan’s number one target. But the sad reality is that we often don’t know how to fight in this war. Instead of victory, we become defeated.

Join Sheryl on a six-week journey into this remarkable book to learn how to win. Joshua leads with truth, confidence, boldness, and a relentless spirit. He’s the perfect teacher to show us how to gain victory in this Christian life.

The 6-week outline for the study is as follows:

Week 1: A Warrior in Training

Week 2: A Warrior Set Apart

Week 3: Moving Forward

Week 4: Conquering Jericho

Week 5: Marching Fearlessly

Week 6: Settling the Land