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PETER: From Fisherman to Follower

PETER is a 9-week Bible study on the life and ministry of Peter. This Bible study explores Peter's early life with Jesus, his later life as a pillar of the early church in the Book of Acts, and his writings to the churches scattered throughout Asia Minor: 1 and 2 Peter. **Weekly Discussion Questions Included. 

Peter grew up Jewish. Since the time he was a little boy, he knew that God would someday fulfill the Old Testament's greatest prophesy - the Messiah who would come to deliver His people. No doubt, Peter, along with most other Jewish people, hoped it would happen in his lifetime. Peter was fishing when Jesus came and extended an invitation to follow Him. Peter accepted, but somehow, I don't think he was prepared for this calling that would turn his ordinary life into an extraordinary adventure. 

Peter is one of those biblical characters we can relate to. Peter was real and he made plenty of mistakes, but in the end, his love and devotion to Jesus was unsurpassed. 

The 9-week outline for this Bible study is as follows: 

Part 1 - Peter's Early Ministry

Week 1: Plucked from Galilee

Week 2: Forging a New Path

Week 3: King of all Kings

Week 4: Turning Sorrow into Joy

Part 2 - Peter's Later Ministry

Week 5: Launched into Leadership

Week 6: Pillar of the Early Church

Week 7: Belonging to a Family

Week 8: Living Wholly for God

Week 9: Final Exhortations and Warnings