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PHILIPPIANS: Finding Fullness of Joy in the Circumstances of Life

 PHILIPPIANS is a 6-week Bible study on the book of Philippians. In this study, the apostle Paul gives us practical principles that we can apply to our lives so we might attain fullness of joy. **Weekly Discussion Questions Included.

Paul founded the Church at Philippi on his second missionary journey. We live in a different time and we’re immersed in a different culture than 1st century Christendom, but we still struggle as they did. Philippi was a Roman colony governed by Roman laws and subject to Roman rule. Nero was emperor of Rome and hated Christians. No doubt, the believers in the Church at Philippi were living in fear as they heard about Christians being imprisoned and savagely killed. Paul surely heard about their dilemma and wrote to encourage them in their faith and to help them find joy in the midst of it all.

We are also immersed in a dark world surrounded by evil and chaos. It’s easy to be consumed by worry, anxiety, and fear. But here’s the thing: fear and joy cannot dwell together in our hearts. God wants us to experience fullness of joy, so He offered us this incredible letter Paul penned centuries ago. If we are careful to apply the principles in this book, I’m sure we will emerge on the other side with more joy and less anxiety. This six-week study will offer us great insight into the brightened world of joy –  a place where every Christian should live. 

The 6-week outline for this study is as follows:

Week 1: Paul and the Beloved Philippians

Week 2: All for Christ

Week 3: To Please God

Week 4: Sweet Smelling Sacrifices

Week 5: Admirable Ambition

Week 6: Peace and Contentment