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THE BRIDE OF CHRIST: Being Rapture Ready

THE BRIDE OF CHRIST is a 6-week Bible study paralleling the ancient Jewish wedding customs with the Church, Christ's Bride. **Weekly Discussion Questions Included

 God is setting things up for the return of His Son. Believers’ hearts are being stirred. The Bridegroom is coming soon to retrieve His Bride, the Church. Still, there are many lingering questions: When will these things happen? What can we expect? Are we in the end days? How can we be ready? What specific things does the Bible teach us about the Rapture and the events that follow? 

In The Bride of Christ: Being Rapture Ready Bible study, we seek to answer these questions and provide believers with biblically-based details of the end-day events. This study parallels the ancient Jewish wedding customs with today’s Church, Christ’s Bride. The purpose of this Bible study is to help Christians get prepared for the Rapture, while illuminating certain features in some of the events still in the future. 

Some of the aspects highlighted in this Bible study include: 

-The biblical basis for marriage. 

-What does it mean to be a chosen member of God’s family? 

-Why did Jesus leave His home

-The high price Jesus paid for His Bride. 

-The covenant made between the Groom and His Bride. 

-How is the Groom preparing for His Bride? 

-How is the Bride instructed to make herself ready? 

-Observing the biblical signs of the end-days. 

-Discovering the difference between the Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ. 

-The manner in which Jesus will return for His Bride. 

-Attending the Wedding of the Lamb. 

-What comes after the wedding? 

The 6-week outline for this study is as follows: 

Week 1: Setting the Stage

Week 2: The Selection

Week 3: The Separation

Week 4: Being Ready

Week 5: Snatched Away

Week 6: Wedding Day and Beyond