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Wilderness Wanderings


WILDERNESS WANDERINGS: Making Lasting Footprints in the Sand

WILDERNESS WANDERINGS is a 10-week Bible study on our desert times. We begin with the 40-year wilderness wanderings of the Israelites and follow many other biblical men and women who went through difficulties. **Weekly Discussion Questions Included 

The Bible is filled with desert experiences. The nation of Israel lived in the desert for forty years. Before David usurped the throne, the cave was his place of residence. On his way to freedom, Joseph was thrown in prison. Job, described as a man of God, lost everything important to him. The Apostle Paul knew firsthand what loneliness, hunger, pain, and suffering was life. And Jesus walked in the desert for forty days.

In this Bible study, you will go on a journey with God's people through the wilderness. Not only will you examine the life and times of the Israelites' forty-year desert excursions, but you will also travel with other men and women of God who seemed to have difficulties along life's pathway. 

This study is sure to inspire you, encourage you, and give you hope during your own desert experiences, and then concludes by offering you a way out of the desert.

The 10-week outline for this study is as follows:

Week 1: In the Wilderness

Week 2: His Steadfast Presence

Week 3: The Arm of Protection

Week 4: God's Adequate Provision

Week 5: The Waiting Room

Week 6: So You May Know Him (Part 1)

Week 7: So You May Know Him (Part 2)

Week 8: Making Lasting Footprints

Week 9: The Pursuit of Freedom

Week 10: The Pathway to Freedom